About Zion’s Cemetery

Prior to 1931, the church’s two congregations, Zion’s Evangelical Lutheran and Zion’s Reformed, were responsible for the cemetery. Since 1931, with incorporation, the cemetery operates with a Constitution of By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

A Board of Trustees is comprised of five members. Regular meetings are generally scheduled on the first Thursday of the month. Officers include a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Cemetery Manager. Sales of individual graves or lots and any care of embellishments (general care and supervision of all burial sites) are directed to the Cemetery Manager. An annual lot owner’s meeting is held on the first (non-holiday) Thursday of each January.

Right of burial is not limited to members of either congregation or by race, color or creed.

Planning futuristically, the Board of Trustees purchased an additional 8.2 acres of land adjacent to the cemetery on November 8, 2013, from Dustin M. Folk.

The first burial ground of the church was located at the foot of the hill near the site of the first and second church buildings. Additional ground was later purchased to expand the property to its present size (the latest addition was in 2013). There is a record of an addition dated June 17, 1867, in which for the first time in the church’s history, parts for the cemetery were divided into lots to be sold. An area nearest the former third building’s site was reserved for ‘free burials.’ The cemetery was subsequently bought from the churches for one dollar, and incorporated as a joint cemetery association on July 15, 1930.

Our Board

David H. Geschwindt

Vice President
Nelson D. Eyer

Recording Secretary
Lee S. Heffner

Elaine N. Miller

Cemetery Manager
David H. Geschwindt

Guidelines for Planting

Effective March 1, 2021

  1. No shrubbery or trees are permitted around tombstones.
  2. Small plants may be planted around tombstones, but must be taken care of by the one who plants them.
  3. Mulch is permitted around the plants.
  4. There is a Spring Cleaning every Spring in mid-March when all planters must be removed, or they will be taken away by cemetery workers.

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Grounds are open daily from dawn to dusk.
Meetings available by appointment only.

Cemetery Manager